Age / Game Restriction

Arena 149’s limit is 370FPS tested on 0.20 grams of BB’s.

The heaviest BB weight you can use at the Arena is 0.25 grams.

Young people under the age 14 require an adult to supervise and playing with them. Young people from the age 14 and over can play independently without an adult.

All players under the age of 18 or 16 without a firearm licence must have the parental consent section on the waiver form signed by a parent or legal guardian before attending any games at Arena 149.


Internet Banking or Fast Deposit

Name: Arena 149 Ltd

ASB: 12-3601-0016618-00

Reference format:

Booking Date & Time in 24 Hours Formate (HHDDMM) and Your Name

Credit / Direct Card via Paypal

  • Deposit of $100 is required to secure the booking.
  • 100% refund is available with 48 hours prior to the booking.
  • 50%  refund is available with 24 hours prior to the booking.
  • No refund within 24 hours prior to the booking.

Public games – no booking is required, walk-in are welcome

Private games – booking is required with $100 deposit to secure the time.

1 & 2 Hours – Recommend of minimum 6 players booking.

3 & 4 Hours – Recommend of minimum 10 players booking.


Customers who want to confirm their private booking, must make a $100 deposit on the  button at the top right corner of the Arena 149 website.

We accept bank transfer, visa or credit card via online, or physical payment at the ASGC retail store or at Arena 149.

Once, the payment is received, the booking is confirmed.


BBQ Facility Hire (During the booking)

– BBQ facility + Gas cylinder with gas filled + basic cooking utensils.
– Simple assistance for the setup and passing around cooked food or utensils.
– BBQ cleaning after usage. So you do not have to worry about that. But we do recommend our customers to help clean up and throw away any rubbish into the bins provided.

Not Included:
– Food and drinks are BYO and will not be provided.
– Plates, cups and eating utensils are BYO and will not be provided.
– Our staff will not be helping out with the cooking.

We have the following facilities available

  • Two level warzone game floors
  • Restrooms
  • Showers
  • Internet Access ($2/Hour)
  • Gear room + free lockers
  • Free car parks
  • Live stream game play on our monitors in the reception area
  • BBQ facilities (booking require)
  • Watchtower in the gaming area for visitors to view.

Food and Beverage

Feel free to bring your own food and drinks to consume between game breaks.

We have a number of picnic tables both indoor and outdoor for players to enjoy.


Smoking and Alcohol are NOT ALLOWED inside the arena or building.

You may smoke outside of the arena where it is in the open.

Players under the influence of any alcohol or drug will not be permitted to play.

This can be a serious offense and they can be liable for conviction for imprisonment for a term up to 3 months or receive a fine of $4000 or receive both.  (Arm Act 1983, section 47)

Gaming Information

Vests and masks are available for hiring.

How much a shot hurts depends on each player’s pain tolerance.

The projectiles fired from a toy bb gun (airsoft gun) are much smaller in size compared to a paintball projectile.

We recommend wearing extra layers such as a jacket, pants and scarf when playing.

The length of a game varies with the game type; in general, a game is 20-40 minutes with 5 -10 minutes armory reload in between each interval game for players before switching sides.

When a game is finished, we allow players to have an energy refill break of 10 – 15 minutes to rest until the next game.

Health Related: Players with any health issues or medical conditions should notify the Direct Supervisor before starting the game.

First Aid: Our staffs are trained with First Aid with First Aid Kits available on site for the case of emergency.

Clothing: Long Sleeved Shirts and Pants are recommended as this helps to reduce the impact on the bare skin.

Please also note that it will get quite warm from running around indoors during the warmer seasons so please avoid wearing too much to prevent yourself from having a heat stroke.

Footwear: Covered shoes are mandatory.

Sneakers or running shoes would be best.

Boots are great but metal cap boots are not allowed.

Jandals, sandals, bare feet, high heels and slippers are not recommended as they do not protect your toes.

Other FAQs

 The birthday boy will receive free entry, free rental with upgrade when 15+ players booking.

Public holiday: 15% surcharge on all items.