Overshooting – A simple explanation

Hey Airsofter's! As most of you are aware we at Arena 149 have recently started a campaign focused around player enjoyment and safety at our field.A primary cause for concern has been the recent spike in player conflicts and confrontations as a result of "Overshooting" The definition of that being the unnecessary discharge of multiple BB's into another player for any reason.As a result we have compiled and implemented a new policy specifically regarding this issue. A link to this document can be found here – http://www.arena149.co.nz/overshooting-policy/This policy is in effect immediately and will be strictly enforced. We have a zero tolerance stance on this behavior.We have taken the liberty to create a simple visualization of the key points. This we be added to the safety video shown to all new players.Copies of the new policy will also be displayed around the Arena. Our intentions are to provide a professional and entertaining venue for players, old and new. We do not take enjoyment in issuing punishments or bans to our valuable clients but if the enjoyment and safety of others is at risk we are prepared to do so.Airsoft is still a growing sport and without the support of seasoned players offering a friendly and welcoming environment new players will be driven away. Forced to leave for home early angry, upset, scarred, bloody and bruised up from too many BB's fired too close range for no reason. If this continues to happen Airsoft WILL eventually die. We at Arena 149 will not let that happen. We hope that you will too and appreciate your cooperation. Happy Airsofting!

Posted by Arena 149 on Monday, January 29, 2018


Definition of Over-shooting in Airsoft

– Being unable to control the trigger finger when shooting
– Continuously shoots at a person before or after the target person calls his/her hit.

By Arena 149 Definition, an Over-shooter is someone that:

– Shoots more than 3 shots at a close range, before or after the target person calls his/her hit.

*By definition of Close Range: Within 5 Meters of the target person.

–  Shooting a person after they have clearly called a hit and raised their hand up at any distance.

How does this affect Airsoft Games?

– More shots means that it will hurt more. This may turn away players as no one likes to be shot more than it
is necessary.

– This creates an aggressive and tense environment which makes players more prone to arguments and fights.
This may drive away players if the environment and situation is too tense.

*The seriousness of overshooting is equivalent to cheating (Not calling hits) in Airsoft, as compared to how it affects the
gameplay and the mood of the players involved. No one enjoys a game full of cheaters or over-shooters.

Due to multiple incidents of over-shooting that occurred recently, Arena 149 has implemented a Zero-Warning,
Zero-Tolerance rule with Over-Shooting.

– For lighter offences, a punishment will be issued immediately.
– For serious offences, a kick and/or ban will be issued immediately.

Catching an Over-shooter

By Report:

– Players are encouraged to report to the Direct Supervisor (DS) in the instance of an overshooting. The patch
number of the Over-shooter is to be reported to the DS.
– If the DS receives 3 complaints on the same person from 3 different groups of people (non-related to each
other), the DS will issue a punishment to the reported person.

By Video Evidence:

– If an incident of an over-shooting is captured on video and presented to the DS, the DS will kick and/or ban
the over-shooter from Arena 149 immediately.

By DS Witness:

– If a DS receives a report that a player is over-shooting, the DS will keep a close watch on the person in
question and collect any evidence of over-shooting.
– If the DS witnesses or has enough evidence that the person in question is over-shooting, the DS will kick
and/or ban the over-shooter from Arena 149 immediately.

By Hit Mark Evidence:

– If a player reports immediately to a DS after receiving a clear hit mark that consists of more than 3 shots
(Non-Shotgun Weapon) on their body and there are witnesses or evidence against a player that made the
shots, the DS will issue a punishment and/or kick and/or ban the over-shooter from Arena 149 immediately.

A Direct Supervisor of Arena 149 has the authority to demand for any photos and/or videos captured in Arena149.
If a person refuses to provide these photos/videos, the person will be kicked and/or banned from Arena 149.

A Direct Supervisor’s (DS) decision is final. Any person that argues or challenges the DS’s decisions will be
immediately kicked and/or banned from Arena149.

– If you feel that a decision was made unfairly, you may file a formal complaint by email to the Manager of
Arena149 at manager@arena149.co.nz

– All formal complaints will be investigated and any results will provided within two weeks of the complaint