Wednesday - Hardcore Night

Hardcore Nights are held every Wednesday night are specifically tailored for a more competitive and fast-paced style of gameplay known as Speedsoft.

These nights are for the most extreme and hardcore players and not for the faint-hearted. Players will expect to receive multiple shots per engagement and at close range in these sorts of games Full face protection, as well as either a hat, beanie, hoodie, helmet etc, is required. So Armour up! 

Speed, skill, maneuvrability and rapid fire power will be essential in order to succeed. 

The game modes played will allow for players to perform to their limit in an intense battle.

Players will be divided into two teams and each round will last 15 minutes, with a 5 - 10 minute break in between.

Special weapon and games rules are in place and only apply for Wednesday nights.

  • Unlimited respawns 

  • Unlimited Ammo limit 

  • HPA/Co2 Systems permitted.

  • Feathering and trigger walking allowed

  • Blade or extended triggers are allowed

  • No face to face rule

  • No Bang kill

  • Rubber throwing knives and Kunai's etc. are allowed

  • Less strict Arena 149 Ltd rules apply. (More lenience on rapid semiautomatic fire, engagement distances etc.)