Arena 149

Friday Tac Ops Entry

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Entry tickets for our Friday Night Tac Ops. Please note your ticket is only valid for the session chosen and cannot be switched to another.

Tac Ops Public Games are run from 6:30 PM - 10 PM and are something a little different from your average skirmish. Come along as a team, or come by yourself and you will be put into the team. The Tac Ops public games consist of smaller teams of attackers and defenders fighting towards a singular objective in shorter, 7-minute rounds. Each round winner is noted, and at the end, one of the 4+ teams will be crowned as victorious.
There's a catch though - We like these evenings to be as realistic and tactical as possible, and therefore each player will only have one life per round. Teamwork is key!

Standard Tac Ops Rules apply.

Please note that we do not allow HPA powered weapons, as well as any high-cap magazines.
Player slots will be limited due to the capacity of our loading area. Tickets will be available for purchase online before each game. If tickets are not sold out, walk-ins are welcome.

Please refer to our FAQ page for information on our refund policy.