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We are hosting a raffle with 20 awesome prizes to celebrate. Tickets are available for a limited time only and winners drawn on 10th of May 2021 at noon. Tickets can be bought online or on site. New bronze, silver and gold memberships get a free entry ticket.

Total prize value $3000+ !!!!!!!!!

So... What's up for grabs?

Gold Grand Prize:

Silver Runner-Up Prize:

Bronze Runner-Up Prize:

3 x Copper Runner-Up Prizes:

Airtanks NZ Prize:

Extra Runner-Up Prizes:


Airsoft Gun Centre has sponsored

2 x Umarex Glock 17 Pistols and 2 x Umarex Glock 45 Pistols

that were originally going to be prizes, however, the law prohibits restricted air rifles to be included in any lotteries or raffles.

Therefore, we will be GIFTING the pistols to the first FOUR Gold Memberships sign-ups.



Thank you very much to ASGC for sponsoring the gift cards and all the holsters. You can go and check out their products at Airsoft Gun Centre

Thank you very much to Airtanks NZ for sponsoring the air tank, redline regulator and HPA line. You can go and check out their products at Airtanks.co.nz


 Terms and Conditions:

1. All prizes can not be redeemed for cash value.

2. Any entry tickets can only one win one prize - winning numbers will be removed once drawn.

3. Arena 149 memberships can either be redeemed by the winner, or nominated person.

4. Standard Arena 149 membership entry conditions apply, the prize will be held up to 2 months for winner to meet requirements.

5. Arena 149 membership upgrades are available with difference paid.

6. Prizes can either be picked up from Arena 149, Airsoft Gun Centre, or can be couried out for $5.