Embark on an adventure with our exciting range of game modes, or tailor your own experience with the help of our expert game master.  
Dive into limitless possibilities and let the fun begin!

Game Mode Description:

Duration: 8 - 15 mins, times may vary depending on the day. 

  • Team Death Match: Lights on or Lights off
    • Description: The players are organized into two teams with their respective bases, where they re-spawn upon being eliminated.

  • Capture the Flag: Lights on or Lights off
    • Both teams need to capture the enemy team's flag without getting shot.
    • Each team's flag is located near their base within viewing distance. When someone captures a flag, they must take it
      back to their own base.
    • If they get shot, they must place the flag on the ground.
    • Your flags that have been placed on the ground may be picked up by anyone on the enemy team.
    • Teams must not hide or move their own flag, only the enemy team may do so.

  • Domination:  Lights on or Lights off
    • The objective is to capture and defend cones on the field.
    • This is done so by putting the stick in the cone with your team colour showing.
    • Once a cone is captured, your team needs to defend that area and prevent the opposite team from switching the cone and stick to their team colour.
    • The team with the majority of cones captured wins the game.

  • King of the Hill
    • In this mode, the most central room serves as the objective room. Players aim to control this room to earn points.
    • At least two players must be present in the room to maintain control.
    • Teams earn one point every 10 seconds while the objective is held. The team with the most points at the end of the match wins.

  • Rob the Nest
    • There are 7 orange blocks which are located on the barrel in Big Room. Players can only carry one block at a time.
    • Each team has a 'nest'/box located outside their base.
    • Players deposit collected blocks into their team's box.
    • When the middle no longer has any blocks players may steal blocks from the opposing team's box.
    • The team with the most blocks at the end of match wins.

  • Free for All
    • For the first 7 or 8 minutes, the match plays out like a TDM or low lights TDM. During the last minute, the game turns into a Free for All.
    • There are no teams and every player is on their own.
    • A small objective is placed in the center of the map.
    • Players must take and have control of it for as long as possible.
    • If the player controlling the objective gets hit, they must return the objective to its original location and are eliminated.
    • The last player holding the objective at the end of the final minute is the winner.

  • Bomb Game
    • At the beginning of the match, one player is selected to carry the bomb. the bomb is armed with a countdown timer set between 7 to 10 minutes, the player carrying the bomb must locate opponents and eliminate them by shooting,
    • If a player is hit, they must remain in place and loudly count to 5 before re-spawning.
    • If the player carrying the bomb successfully hits and opponent, they can pass the bomb to the player they hit,each player must shoot at least three times per minute and must move to avoid staying still in one spot for too long.
    • If the bomb carrier and an opponents trade shots, the bomb carrier has the option to prioritize passing the bomb to the opponent and then escaping,if a player is hit and has the bomb, they must hold onto it and count to 5 before re-spawning.
    • They cannot simply drop the bomb;it must be physically passed to another player. the player who has the bomb when it explodes loses the game.

  • Balloons: Lights on or Lights off
    • Balloons will be periodically dropped from the tower located in the center of the map.
    • The balloons will drop into long hall. Your objective is to collect a balloon and safely transport it back to your team's box.
    • You may pop balloons carried by players from the opposing team to hinder their progress.

  • Stag Run:
    • The stag or the runner, has the option to run alone or choose a bodyguard to help hold a shield.
    • The stag's objective is complete 1-2laps around the building starting from a designated base.
    • However, the stag is not allowed to enter the central rooms of the building.
    • Before the game begins, the stag starts running around the building while hunters attempt to shoot at stag, the stag must return to its base to end the game.

  • Payload:
    • The attacking team's goal is to push the payload (teddy bear with trolley) to the opposing team's base to win the game, only attackers are allowed to push the payload.
    • Attackers must push the payload without running or using any means to accelerate it besides manually pushing it with their hands.
    • No kicking or pushing to make it move faster is allowed.the attacking team wins the game, if they successfully deliver the payload to the opposing team's base.

  • Custom Game of Your Choice
    • If you have a special game mode that you wanna run on the day, list it down and consult the DS on the day.

*** The game master reserves the right to adjust the game mode as needed for optimal enjoyment. ***

Lights Off