Ammo is loaded into the magazine through the latch at the top near the back.
Players are not allowed to collect BB’s off the ground to use; this can cause damages and malfunctions to the rental guns. Any rental malfunctions during the game, players can seek assistance at the Reception.
On the bottom of the magazine, is a windy wheel. It only goes one way: forward.  This is what loads the BB’s out of the magazine and into your gun. Do not load the magazine into the gun while inside the lobby area. Please wait until you get inside the arena.
If your rental gun jams during the game, your gun may have the option to switch to full automatic. Switching to full automatic can be used to unjam your rental gun, the instructions are: direct your gun in a safe direction while calling loudly “UNJAMMING”. While unjamming your gun, you cannot direct your gun towards another player. A player found using burst or full automatic during the game may be removed from the game.
Remember, every time you remove the magazine, there may still be a few rounds left inside the gun. Clear your gun by firing two to three times in a safe direction before exiting the arena.
When you’re ready to re-enter the game, enter the arena and close the door behind you. You are considered eliminated, so return to your base and respawn from there.
All equipment has an ID number, and you are responsible for the one you are issued.
Please return all equipment to the reception once you have finished.
Please do not damage any of the equipment, as you will be asked to pay a $100 Fine for the repairs.